La Hq 1 Design Studio

Los Angeles HQ

JERDE’s headquarter studio is located in Los Angeles, CA – the entertainment capital of the world. This is not by accident. No one creates urban theater like JERDE. We are an extension of the city’s diversity and community of artists, architects, photographers and other creatives. 

While we have project offices in major parts of the world, we have one design studio. This way our designers, architects, planners, and landscape teams can get together in the same room, at any given moment, to come up with the best design solution for any number of the firm’s ongoing projects.

Hong Kong

This vibrant city launched JERDE’s first international office in 1995. From this hyper-connected hub, we have tapped into a historical period of rapid urbanization, from Southern China to South East Asia, and down to Australia. Founded in a deep knowledge of retail, our focus this past decade has been about impacting neighborhoods through a vertical mixed-use strategy.  The future of the region, and JERDE’s close ties through Hong Kong, extends Placemaking principles into transport, offices, and more livable densification of cities.


JERDE’s Shanghai office has been servicing the Chinese market since 2000, with support in Beijing and ChongQing.  Our strength and added value in the market is the customized creativity of JERDE design originating from our HQ studio in California, supported by our China team’s extensive local construction and management expertise.  Our team’s in-depth understanding of local cultures and practices allows for seamless coordination with local client teams, consultants, contractors and government agencies. 


Starting with a Vision

We use an urban planning approach to design our mixed-use projects around the world. This means starting with an exploration of how people will use the place and followed by an intense study of how it can be designed to enhance people's every­day lives and invigorate their cities.

All in the Details

Our exploration at the start of any project begins with visiting the place and surroundings to take in all of the sights, sounds and smells to formulate contextual inspirations. We’ve collected different colors of sand, fabrics, and textiles from surrounding neighborhoods to inform the color palette of a project.


From decades of projects in over 250 cities, we have collected mountains of drawings, research, and models. We have our extensive works archived in our headquarters so our designers will have ready access to the volumes of materials. 

Hq Materials

Intensive Charrette

For all of our projects we often develop our design process through an intensive design study session. This occurs in various ‘war room’ studio spaces within our headquarters. We invite clients who are visiting from around the world to come into this studio to participate in the immersive environment.