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Sewoon District 4 Redevelopment

  • Seoul, Korea 2004
  • Site Area: 30 acres | Total Building Area: 1,486,448 sqm

As part of an ambitious redevelopment, the City of Seoul restored Cheonggycheon, a river that was long ago developed over, into the city center. In 2004, city officials invited select architecture firms to submit plans for the Sewoon District 4 Redevelopment Area, where the restored river would intersect a new urban park linking the Jongmyo Shrine with Namsan. Inspired by the power of these connections, Jerde blended the redevelopment area's four disconnected parcels into one organic district that celebrates the joining of the historic river with the new park. Jerde's master plan, which was created in collaboration with executive architects EaWes and Danu, honors the intersection of the river and park with a spacious community forum that will serve as the symbolic heart of the city. This heart embraces Cheonggyecheon with a generous green space that both expands the park and unites the four blocks with a continuous spiral path providing uninterrupted, exploratory movement across the river, over the roadways and through the park. To create a vibrant park, Jerde planned it with an undulating landscape that reveals a series of chambers and diverse spaces offering multiple activities. The park is further organized into a hierarchy of spaces - public at the center of the project; semi-public between the high-rise and mid-rise residential towers; and private in the courtyard amenities serving the low-rise housing at the perimeter. The master plan expands the role of the river, which flows several meters below grade, through an extensive network of grade-level water features that symbolically unite the district with the Cheonggycheon while enhancing the character of the area. A full range of uses - residential, office, cultural venues, retail, dining and entertainment - are offered above and below the park in contemporary, environmentally-friendly architecture that both frames and sculpts the park. The vision of the master plan is extended to the four adjacent southern blocks to create a new urban tapestry for Seoul.

Client: Jongno-Gu Office, The Major District of Seoul Metropolitan Government
Master Planner: JERDE
Executive Architects: EAWES, Danu

Project Uses:
  • Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Dining
  • Residential
  • Culture
  • Office

Sewoon District 4 Redevelopment

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